About Us

Brittany Brunicardi

Back in 2021 I was in college, working on my degree to become a nurse. The more I studied, the more I needed coffee to keep me going. I started to appreciate not only the energy it gave, but the taste. I slowly opened up and explored different flavors and styles of coffee. Eventually, I said “I want to bring this to others,” and that’s when the spark that is Beebee’s Coffee started! So, here I am, 2 years later, trying to share my passion with everyone else! I hope each unique flavor of Beebee’s Coffee will bring that beauty and passion to your mornings!

On top of that, my desire to help people has continued. And through my newfound passion, I decided to partner with a non-profit organization 4 Paws for Ability!! They work with training and placing service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities! With each order, a donation will be made in your honor to help those in need. Every little bit matters. 

Aaron Ash

I was a Master-at-Arms (basically an MP) for the navy from 2013-2022 when I was medically retired. I drank a lot of coffee. After that, I did an additional year in the security field before I left the traditional 9-5. Little secret between us, I still drink hella coffee to function. When my dad got sick, I started a podcast with my best friend Tim! Tim’s wife has a coffee company, BeeBee’s Coffee. She made us a special blend for our podcast! It was so delicious that I was struck with inspiration; so, I called Wife B with a bunch of marketing ideas. BeeBee (I know her as Wife B) was so impressed she offered to bring me on as a partner. Since then, we’ve been selling great coffee and coming up with hilarious marketing videos.

I’m so proud of our dedication to 4 Paws for Ability. They’re a non-profit that works with training and placing service dogs with veterans and children with disabilities! A part of every purchase gets donated to the cause, and I’m very proud to be helping people I served alongside and children with disabilities to live their best lives.